Erica's Kitchen – 2

I have not cooked or baked in more than two weeks. What I have done is travel to Rome and back. Pretty fair deal I’d say.

While I was in Rome I ate so much tasty food and made a bit of a photo diary of everything. Here we go folks… my food adventures across the pond…

First night in we went out in Trastevere, area which Andrea & Steph live in. It is famous for all of the restaurants and bars. I figured since it was my first night I’d go traditional. We had bruschetta… which apparently means ‘plate of goodness’ and not just ‘tomatoes on toast’… I even ate the mushroom tapenade. Booya.


For main I had a favourite, Penne Arribiatta… or penne with spicy pepper sauce. It’s simple but the taste was powerful. My mouth is watering.


I did a lot of different things while I was in Rome… what I am most proud of is eating gelato… every single day.


As I was staying in Andrea’s apartment, I had access to a kitchen. It was nice as we could save a bit of money. The second night we stayed in and Andrea whipped up a nice tortellini dish and some (obviously) bruschetta. It’s so easy to cook there and get good results, all of the cheese and pasta is fresh.


I went to the Vatican on the 3rd day and had a little sit-down for some pizza and reading. (I ate a lot of pizza… its so hard to say no to…)


GREATEST COOKIES EVER! From a bakery down the street from Andrea’s place… I am so envious of the woman that runs it. She had a massive oven with cookie trays the size of my kitchen table… my dream.


On our last night we went to a wonderful little restaurant near Andrea’s… as it was my last night I had to have more buschetta… I could really live on this stuff.


This was a plate of grilled vegetables. I wonder how these people make everything taste so good? Maybe I need to be a bit more liberal with my olive oil? That or quit trying and just move to Italy.


For my main I had… some sort of pasta. Haha, we all had pasta and we were all sharing. The noodles taste like they are made of butter and everything was just perfect.


I obviously ended the night with gelato…

IMG_3612Awesomely super trip! All trip picturesare on my facebook page. I hope to return to Italy and see more than Rome… maybe do some sort of food & wine tour? Oh I can keep dreaming…

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  1. Allie says:

    This is why there have been no new Erica recipes for me to try from your blog!! haha Rome looks wonderful! 😀

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