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Erica's Kitchen – 1

Given the title of my website, I thought it fitting to share some pictures and thoughts on my “workspace”… AKA my kitchen. Now, I wouldn’t lie to you nice people, I do in fact have a messy kitchen. Here is … Continue reading

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Ok people, here it is. This recipe is the reason I have friends. I have changed people’s opinions of avocados with this puppy. If you have a friend that is afraid of avocados or hesitant to try them, serve this … Continue reading

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Butter Chicken

This recipe is easily in my top 5 favourites. If I could ask you to make one of my recipes, this would be it. Last winter my brother invited myself and our cousins for dinner and made this for us. … Continue reading

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First Date Salad

There is no more appropriate title for this recipe. I have made it on so many dates, particularly first dates. It’s always a hit with the sweet dressing, fresh strawberries, and crunchy pecans. It’s dead simple and you should make … Continue reading

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Beefy Cheesy Manicotti

The title rhymes! You have to try it! Do not fear the strange Italian pasta! This recipe does require a bit of prep but its well worth it. The ingredients are similar to lasagna but assembled a bit differently. This … Continue reading

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Banana Bread

Some notes on bananas… I hardly ever eat bananas yet I seem to buy them regularly. This is because bananas have a secret… locked deep inside their stringy yellow slippery peel lies a delightful, mushy, surprise. Bananas don’t go bad. … Continue reading

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Cream-Cheese & Feta Pinwheels

This recipe comes to us from the lovely and fabulous, Caitie Rosen. Between the two of us, this recipe has made appearances at pot-lucks across the country. It’s simple, quick, and you will have a hard time sharing. Ingredients 8 … Continue reading

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Note: While I get things going at mymessykitchen there won’t be a lot of pictures in my posts… those will get updated as I go. Patience young grasshoppers! Update: Now with pictures! Ingredients: 1 cup All-purpose flour 1/2 cup Whole … Continue reading

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