Erica's Kitchen – 1

Given the title of my website, I thought it fitting to share some pictures and thoughts on my “workspace”… AKA my kitchen. Now, I wouldn’t lie to you nice people, I do in fact have a messy kitchen. Here is some proof. Please note that all of these pictures were taken on the same day… please note that all of this pictures were taken in one afternoon afternoon in about a 2 hour period. At this point I’m surprised my counters haven’t worn thin from being wiped and my fridge door and garbage can hinges aren’t dissolving. Here we go…

Exhibit A: Kitchen after making simple chocolate icing… with a dash of last night’s dinner.


Exhibit B: I decide to clean… mostly because I have to make a cake and need a lot of the dishes that I dirtied making icing.


You’ll notice that it can look pretty good! Despite the sky-blue ply-wood cupboards, the perma-stained counter, the ancient oven… and my general hatred for doing dishes, my kitchen isn’t so bad. That is until… I decided to use it for the second time that day.

Exhibit C: I make a cake and I’m back at square one.

Slide3And so is the story of my messy kitchen. On any given day I might use my kitchen on 3 separate occasions. As I’m home all day, I tend to cook three meals a day. If I cleaned my kitchen after every use I would never leave. I tend to clean everything at the end of the day OR if I need a ‘coffee break’ I’ll do some dishes. Let it be known: I don’t have a dishwasher. I have a sneaking feeling that the man I marry might not mind doing dishes… after all, it’s the age-old trade off: I cook, you clean. Someday…

Next installment: kitchen gadgets and my choice cooking tools!

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